Novi niz predavanja u eTwinningovom Learning Labu

Započeo je novi niz susreta za učenje (Learning events) koje eTwinning organizira u svojem Learning Labu. Za pohađanje tih susreta prijavljujete se putem poveznice koja se pojavljuje određeni dan na vašem eTWinning desktopu.

Nažalost prijave za prvi susret – Internetska sigurnost, su već završene. Karte rasprodane za manje od 24 sata :-(.
Zato budno pratite prijave za buduće susrete koji vas zanimaju.

Description of Courses Description of Courses

Learning Events are short online course aimed at improving your skills and putting you in touch with other eTwinners. They take place in a specially designed platform called the Learning Lab (http:// There is a wide range of Learning Events year for you to choose from, in this first part of the school year, as you can see below.
Watch for the link to apply on your Desktop.  This will appear 1 week before the course is due to begin. You will be asked to fill out an application form. Places are allocated on a country quota basis.
If you are accepted you will receive your special login and password to the Learning Lab Area a few days before the course is due to begin. 

3 – 18 February  – Internet Safety & You presented by Karl Hopwood.

Language English

Applications open: 29 January

This Learning Event is aimed at exploring the issues of teaching young people to be safe when using the internet, as well as exploring some of the issues around the use of images, music, and resources while remaining compliant with copyright demands etc. Useful for all teachers who use the internet in their work. The number of participants is limited to 120 

7 – 20 February  – Assessing individual differences through eTwinning presented by Nuria de Salvador –

Language Spanish

Application opens:  2 February

One of the biggest classroom challenges a teacher faces is the fact that all the pupils in a class have different leaning needs and what is the best way to approach curricular topics bearing this in mind. This learning event addresses the issue by examining how eTwinning may be used to design classroom and homework tasks that meet flexible objectives and address the needs of  the individual learner. The number of participants is limited to 100

21 February – 7 March  eTwinning & Nanoyou Lab 1 presented by  the Naoyou expert team –

Language English

Application opens: 9 November

Nanoscience is the study of phenomena and manipulation of materials at the nanoscale, where properties differ significantly from those at a larger scale. The Learning Event introduces you to nanoscience, and online teaching and learning tools and materials resulting from the Nanoyou project. Through Nanoyou and eTwinning, you can help your students become nano-researchers doing their own experiments online and in school labs, and debate the ethics and impacts on society of nanotechnologies. The number of participants is limited to 150 .  More information on Nanoyou website

14 – 30 March Building a successful project presented by Cees Brederveld

Language: French

Application opens: 7 March

This event is suitable for teachers who wish to explore a step-by-step approach to building a successful eTwinning project. Following the KISS principle you will be guided through the essential points for successful project work. Suitable for post primary teachers of all disciplines. The number of participants is limited to 120.

2 – 22 April – Web Based Video – Educational Use within eTwinning presented by Daniela Arghir

Language English

This event will explore the world of Web based video as  an educational resource and base for eTwinning collaborative work. It will examine the  features and benefits of video sharing, potential challenges and barriers, how to overcome them, selecting clips and lesson planning..

Applications open : 25 March.

2 – 13 May – Creative writing  & Mindmapping presented by Pierre Auboiron –

Language English

Application opens: 25 April September

How does a teacher foster creativity? This is always a difficult task particularly in second level schools where curricula are more proscriptive. During this event, participants will explore how to foster the creativity of their pupils through collaborative writing and the use of Mind Maps. It will be specifically linked to the Project Kit Creative Mind-Mapping stories The number of participants is limited to 100

9 –  20 May   Children’s Rights  – Thoughts for teachers presented by Miriam Schembri

Language English

Application opens: 2 May

What precisely are Children’s rights, are they enshrined in law, what does it mean in a teaching and learning context. This learning event will explore the  topic of Children’s rights and how they effect classroom practice and approaches to teaching and project work within eTwinning.

Date to be decided-  Motivating pupils though project work- Adam Stepinski -Language English

This event is for teachers of the Humanities and Foreign Languages. It is suitable for teachers of all pupil age groups. During the course participants will learn about the importance of learner’s autonomy and the ways of stimulating students’ activity while working on an interdisciplinary project. Teachers will also become familiar with key competencies (life-long learning competencies), get to know about the structure and stages of cross-curricular projects and the use of media resources. The number of participants is limited to 120


O autoru Lidija Kralj

Urednica digitalnog časopisa "Pogled kroz prozor" i portala Voditeljica EU projekta petzanet.HR i nacionalne kampanje "Sigurniji internet za djecu i mlade". Članica Nacionalnog vijeća za odgoj i obrazovanje. Više od dvadeset godina predajem matematiku i informatiku u OŠ Veliki Bukovec. Autorica sam niza udžbenika i zbirki za informatiku i matematiku za osnovne i srednje škole. Pišem znanstvene i stručne članke za časopise "Edupoint", "Enter", "Matematika i škola", "Drvo znanja" i Školske novine. Autorica sam nekoliko edukativnih, multimedijalnih programa za učenje matematike te online tečaja "Logo - online učenje programiranja". Završila sam E-learning akademiju, smjer Management. Polazim doktorski studij - Informatika u odgoju i obrazovanju na UFZG. Radove o e-learningu prezentirala sam na nekoliko domaćih i međunarodnih konferencija i skupova. Učenike gnjavim običnom matematikom, a uveseljavam računalnom.
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